• 16

    2016 Q2

    Numbers Inc. established as Social Casino games

  • 17

    2017 Q2

    Completion of Online Texas Holdem Poker Project

  • 2017 Q4

    Core members Acquisition

    R&D on blockchain Technology

  • 18

    2018 Q1

    Player-participating RNG Algorithm developed

    DEVPOT Team joined

    7Chain Project initiated

  • 2018 April ~ May

    Numbers21 PTE.LTD, Singapore Satellite established

    7Chain RNG v0.1 Demo Development Completed

    7Chain Demo Performed at G2E Asia 2018 B2B Booth through Poker and Dice Games

    MOU between Hunan Shaojing network(USD 20 Mil of annual Sales)

    2018 June


    7Chain RNG v0.2 Update

    Announcement of Poker and Slots MVP Games with 7Chain RNG v0.2

    2018 July

  • Release of 7Chain RNG v0.5

    Official website open

    Game Player participating RNG, Patent application

    Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 Booth: Gacha, Item enchant MVP announced

    Nifty 2018 participation and 7Chain PR Activity

    2018 Aug

    Player participating RNG, International PCT patent application


    7Chain Wallet Prototype Development

    (SUBETE GAMES Partnership Agreement)

    (H2Interactive Partnership Agreement)

    (Subete games Partnership Agreement)

    2018 Q4

  • 7Chain RNG v0.9 –Pre-release Phase

    7Chain RNG Testnet Beta Open, API & SDK Beta announcement

    7Chain Wallet Beta Open, 3rd party Game release

    2019 Q1

    7Chain RNG v1.0 – Release Phase


    - RNG, Trade, Staking, Bankrolling, Governance

    1st Ecosystem participation campaign

    - Community support,, Dev support, PR etc.,

  • 2019 Q2

    7Chain RNG v1.5 Update

    - AD Targeting option & Player incentivization

    - Peer to Peer Asset trade support


    2nd Ecosystem participation campaign

    2019 Q3

    7Chain RNG v2.0 Update / Ecosystem reinforced build-up

    - Integrate with other blockchain platforms(Expansion)

    - Bigdata-oriented System

  • 19


    2019 Q4

    7Chain RNG v3.0 Update / Stabilization of Ecosystem

    - Big data research program execution

    Sep. 2018

    Attended Tokyo Game Show 2018

  • Ziopops, 7Chain RNG Partnership Agreement

    SNS Activity


    Oct. 2018

    Official Website Open & Pre-Sale


    2019년 3분기

    7Chain RNG v2.0 업데이트 / 생태계 강화 단계

    - 타 블록체인 플랫폼과 연동

    - 빅데이터 기반 시스템

  • 2019년 4분기

    7Chain RNG v3.0 업데이트 / 생태계 안정화 단계

    - 빅데이터 리서치 프로그램 가동